Christian Flatshare words, phrases and their meanings

Auto-expire The length of time you choose to have an ad live on the website, which can be a maximum of six weeks.
Cakes By cakes we mean and include, but in no way limit the list to, gateaux, sponge cake, Danish pastries, carrot cake, fruit cake, cheesecake (esp. strawberry), and chocolate mud cake. And apple pie.
Central Heating Central heating differs from local heating in that the heating is done in one place in the building, i.e. centrally. The resulting heat is then distributed. Most modern housing has central heating installed.
CFS a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding homes, growing churches and building communities (that’s us).
Christian See “what is a Christian?
Church you attend The church you currently attend, or last attended. This is to let people know which church community you are a member of, or have belonged to, which can be a helpful and fun way to foster connections between churches.
Council Tax A local government tax for services such as rubbish collection, recycling, road maintenance, fire and emergency services. Sometimes it is included in the rent. The tax is charged for every flat or house. Students are exempt from paying council tax.
Deposit This is a returnable sum paid to the owner or agent. It is their insurance against damage made to the property that exceeds normal wear and tear. A deposit is typically one month’s rent and paid when contacts are signed.
Family Share This is used to describe accommodation with a married couple or with a family that has children.
Flat mate CFS use flat mate to mean either “flat mate”, “house mate” or “roommate”, and this person sharing the same home as another.
Flat share or FlatShare In the modern accommodation parlance, a "flat share" (or "flatshare") refers to shared accommodation in any type of building, and is not limited to flats. Flat sharing is usually between people at a similar age or similar stage in life.

"Lodging" is traditionally a term for where accommodation is offered in a home where the owner also lives, and this is encompassed by the term “flat share”.

CFS distinguishes between “Flat share” and “House share” in the results list to offer an additional level of detail.
Flat-Match An automatic process of matching the accommodation offered to the accommodation wanted adverts, based on the criteria given in both ads. If a person wanting accommodation has selected to automatically “Flat-Match” they will receive a notification email when any accommodation offered, suitable for them, it posted on CFS.
Furnished This means that the accommodation, shared areas and bedrooms, are furnished. Part-furnished accommodation should be detailed in the accommodation description.
Landlord A person who owns or manages a property.  A landlord advertising to let a “whole place” (unoccupied accommodation), and who is therefore not living in the accommodation, may or may not be a Christian. However, by placing an advert on CFS they would like to let their property to Christians.
Live-in landlord Where the property owner lives in the property that is being let.
Mature Student Someone who is 22yrs or over, and who is studying fulltime and who is usually a post-graduate.
Member A member is someone who has registered with CFS using the registration form. Once the registration form has been completed a password is sent to the new member. When the user has received their password they can log in and use the member features such as posting or amending accommodation adverts and reviewing their advert statistics.
Pal-Up Joining together, or "Palling-Up", with another person to find accommodation together. This can be done on CFS by posting a wanted advert and ticking the "Pall-Up" box.
PCM PCM is ‘Per Calendar Month’. On average a calendar month is 4.33 weeks. CFS expresses rents in calendar months to offer an easy basis for comparison. Those letting rooms and preferring to express in weekly terms should use PCM as an expression of the average month, and include details of the weekly payment in the accommodation description.
Professional We use this to indicate that someone is at the stage of life when they are usually working in some capacity (butler, butcher, or banker). It is also used to describe anyone who is retired or between jobs. The advert descriptions can be used to add more details about occupation and circumstances.
Recommendation This is the name of someone, ideally on the staff of a church staff that you have attended, who can "recommend" you - it is simply to say that you are known to that church fellowship and that they can in some way they could vouch for your character.

If responding to an advert which says "Would suit someone who if asked to, could provide a recommendation..." then it may be helpful to take the friendly initiative to offer any such recommendation.
Student We use this to refer to someone who is studying fulltime and who is under the age of 22, and who often an undergraduate.
Visitor A CFS visitor is someone using the CFS website who has not registered to become a CFS member. Visitors are able to search and reply to all adverts on CFS.
Whole Place Whole place, as “whole flat” or “whole house”, refers to accommodation which is for let and which is unoccupied. Usually the person renting such a place would take on the responsibility for the utility bills of the accommodation.

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