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Adverts and features

Christian Flatshare (CFS) is a non-profit organisation which helps accommodation seekers to connect with their local church community.

CFS is fee to use, and is supported by its members (ahem).

Offering accommodation

Those with accommodation to offer should place Offered Accommodation adverts. You can change your advert, suspend it, and receive messages from those who respond to it. Adding photos is key and helps to get the best response.

Those placing Offered accommodation adverts can choose that they would prefer someone who, if asked, could provide a recommendation from a current or previous church staff member.

Finding accommodation

Those looking for accommodation should place a Wanted Accommodation advert. Once a Wanted is placed Offered adverts matching automatically highlight matching Offered Accommodation adverts and enables several other features of CFS. CFS offers those looking for accommodation the option to choose "Pal-Up" in their Wanted advert, which indicates they are willing to connect with others with similar accommodation needs to look for accommodation together.

Short-term accommodation

Offered an Wanted accommodation adverts posted for a period of 12 weeks or less are highlighted as being short-term adverts. This can be useful for all sorts of short-term requirements, and can be used for finding house-sitters too. There is not a separate category for house-sitting; those offering house-sitting opportunities or services should instead put that detail in the description of their advert. Short-term adverts can be filtered for in searches.

Facebook - CFS allows members to connect their account with Facebook, so that they can see friends in common with others using CFS.

Flat-match and Pal-up - Those with adverts can choose to receive emails about adverts which match their requirements.

Please see the FAQs for further details.

Advert types

House Share or Flatshare: accommodation shared with those at a similar age or stage in life (students, mature students and professionals).

Room Share: a bedroom shared with someone of the same sex.

Family Share: accommodation with a family with children, or a married couple (lodging).

Whole Place: an unoccupied house or flat.

Wanted Accommodation: adverts of those looking for accommodation.

Students, mature students, professionals; singles, married couples, families - CFS is for finding homes and is intended to serve the accommodation needs of the whole church community.

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