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2 bedroom flat in Green Street, London (W1K) - Whole Flat
Room(s): 2 double bedrooms
Monthly price: £2300 whole place
Would suit: Males or females
Date available: Today

This advert has been removed by Christian Flatshare

This advert was identified as a spam/scam advert. Its owner, "Emilia Smith", has been blocked.

Scam adverts are adverts posted for property that may not exist and are likely to have these characteristics:

  • The landlord will unable to show you the flat (away from town with a convoluted excuse)
  • The landlord will ask you to send a handsome deposit to hold the flat (which you will not have seen - bad idea)
  • The landlord will request payment by Western Union (an untraceable money transfer service - also a bad idea)
  • The landlord will will avoid using the CFS messaging for correspondence, as they know this can be monitored
  • The landlord will often (not always) avoid telephone contact; they are often in a different country so will sound distant, and often us an "070..." phone number (which is a low-cost international internet phone number)
  • Someone placing such an advert will gently pressure/tempt you to send a deposit - advertising great accommodation, in a great location, and saying there are many others waiting to see it - and saying they will hold it for you if you are the first to send a deposit.

    Good Landlords...

    Conversely, you should expect of landlords (and especially within the church community), that they:

  • Want to show you the property, so that you can view it and be informed before paying a deposit
  • To use a normal bank account, which provides traceability
  • To want to produce documents and agree in writing details of your arrangement
  • As such, the process should be transparent and straight forwards. Common sense prevails.


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