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481 churches and Christian organisations around the world support CFS, together with tens of thousands of Christian Flatshare members.

If your church or organisation is supportive of CFS and would like be included in CFS' church directory, then please add your church, or contact us to let us know. Maybe send your photo for this page?


Being included in CFS' church directory indicates to CFS' visitors that:

  • Your church or organisation may be using CFS internally for accommodation, possibly in addition to other websites or other traditional methods.

  • Your church or organisation is supportive of CFS' vision and thinks that CFS is likely to be a good place to visit to look for accommodation.
  • Churches and organisations included in CFS' directory are shown both on the accommodation maps, with links to those church and organisation websites and in the CFS church directory. We hope that this will help those looking for accommodation to connect with those churches.

    The CFS directory helps to make CFS accountable to those who continue allow CFS to include them.

    CFS wants to used purposefully by church leaders, to serve the church family with their support. We are thankful, and on behalf of the many thousands who have used CFS, to those church leaders who are giving their support to CFS.

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