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1 bedroom wanted in 10 miles of Paddington Green, London (W2)
Room(s): 1 bedroom (flatshare, family share, family share, palup)
Monthly price: $300 per bedroom
To suit: 1 male, 26-30, professional
Required from: Today

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The Accommodation Wanted

Location Within 10 miles of Paddington Green, London (W2)
Bedrooms required: 1
Price (approx monthly max): £300 per bedroom
Required from: Today
Minimum term: 6 months
Maximum term: None
Accommodation type: Flatshare, family share, pal-up
Building type: House or flat

The accommodation must have:

Available Shared lounge area Available Washing machine Not available A garden / roof terrace
Not available Bicycle store Available Dish washer Available Somewhere to park a car
Not available Ensuite bathroom Not available Tumble dryer

The Accommodation Seeker

Sex: 1 male
Age range: 26 to 30 years old
Occupation: Professional
Not available Are a married couple
Not available Are a family with children
Available Could provide a recommendation from a previous church if asked to
Church attended: St Thomas Church Lancaster
Our church website: www.st.tees.org.uk/

More about the accommodation seeker:

Hello. I'm a 26 year old male and a Christian originally from Lancaster. I am moving to London to take up a post as an Archive Assistant whilst also studying for a part time PhD. Because of me saving to selffund my PhD tuition fees renting a room for £300 a month would be what I could most feasible afford. I am a tidy person who is friendly, kind and welcoming. I love Jazz music, eating out and watching soap operas. If someone may be able to offer me a room to rent I'd be very grateful. Kind Regards Louie Harding.

The Preferred Household

Max number of members: Any number
Sex: Mixed household
Age range: 18 to 51 years old
Occupation: Mature students, Professionals
Available The owner could be a member
Available It could have a married couple
Not available It could be a family with children

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